Natural hair removal suitable for all skin types.

An easy to apply hair removal paste made from a simple natural formula of sugar, water and lemon juice. Removes hair and dead skin cells without any sticky residue, leaving your skin soft and smooth. With regular use hair growth can diminish as hair grows back slower and finer. Dermatologically tested suitable for all skin types and areas including face, armpits and bikini line.

Ideal for sensitive skin. Washable and Dermatologist tested

How to use:
1. Submerge the Sugar Gold plastic packet in warm water until soft.
2. Remove the product and repeatedly stretch until it turns from clear to cloudy. 
3. Apply to dry clean skin in the direction of hair growth.
4. With one hand hold skin tight and with the other pull the Sugar Paste very quickly against the grain of the hair. Repeat as required.
5. Rinse skin with cold water and apply your favourite moisturiser to sooth after hair removal.

Caution: Avoid using on warts, injured, irritated or sunburned skin


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Sugar Gold

INGREDIENTS : Saccharum officinarum, glucose, aqua, citrus lemon juice